SP SIN Store extensions

SP SIN is a flexible framework for injecting content into SharePoint pages without having to modify the underlying pages or master pages.

The SP SIN Store is an extensible extension (yup) to SP SIN that allows users to install solutions, whether farm, sandbox, or 2013 apps to SharePoint. It works across all versions of SharePoint from 2007 through 2013, but SP SIN store will support only the deployment modes native to those versions (ie Farm on all versions, Sandbox on 2010/2013, and App on 2013 only).


SP SIN Store is currently in early alpha, and should not be used in production environments. It is posted to show how the extensions will work and to allow external developers to build stores and repositories early. In addition, curious users may want to install the extensions for testing only, but keep in mind that at the current stage, no functionality should be expected to work flawlessly or even at all.

Check the Downloads tab for releases.

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